Programs, Diets, and Rulesets


A program or diet is a collection of rules and it represents the underlying definition used to score and generate food suggestions.

Each rule is formed of two main elements in an "if-then" structure and it's triggered based on each user's profile information, as follows:

  • IF - the condition that triggers the rule, I.e. "If user's last vitamin D reading is below 20 ng/mL"

  • THEN - the action to be executed when the rule is triggered, I.e. "Increase foods rich in vitamin D"

In the above example, the result will be that upon creation of a food suggestion, foods labeled "rich in vitamin D" will be prioritized for users who are assigned to that program and match the condition "vitamin D below 20 ng/mL".

Additional resources

For more information regarding programs, rulesets and diets, please check the following documentation:

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