Adherence Score

Suggestic's Adherence Score (0 o 100) represents how good of a match (higher is better) is a particular food recommendation with the user's program and profile, and it is used as a proxy for the "healthiness" of a food.

The score is calculated by comparing each ingredient of an item with all the user's program rules and their action type. Generally speaking, ingredients that match an increase-type rule will add to the score, ingredients that should be decreases will lower the score, and ingredients that should be avoided will move the score to 0.

The Adherence Score's objective is to provide a simple way to determine the general compliance of food with a diet, as a whole, and not only if it's allowed or not. For example, a salad made of only lettuce will not score very high on a vegan diet because although it is permitted, it lacks many of the recommended foods and nutrients required by the diet.

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