When I run the recipe query, the FetchedData object has no attribute timezone. How can I execute this query?

That message is displayed when the query is running by using a dev user. This query must be executed by using an end-user. So, create a user by using your given token and dev user and then use that created user to execute the query.

Is there a process to add recipes to Suggestic's shopping list?

The Suggestic team provides a predefined CSV file where you can send us your recipes. For more information, contact one of the Suggestic's members.

How can I change a recipe and then use a recipe with similar macros?

You can use the similarMacrosRecipes query. This retrieves 3 recipes equivalent in macronutrient distribution as the one provided in the argument. When you find the desired recipe use theswapMealPlanRecipe mutation to swap meals.

Why some recipes don't display instructions?

Recipes from the internet don't have instructions. To check the recipe's source, use the author field.

How do I get recipe instructions?

Use the recipeSearch query and includes the instructions field. To filter out any recipe for which we do not have any instructions, set the hasInstructions parameter to false.

Is there any endpoint to upload photos recipes?

Currently, the API does not support the upload photos feature.

How do I get the next results after requesting a set of recipes?

Use the cursor-based pagination option.

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