Display Assessments

Assessments are hosted on the domain 'suggestic.assessments.com.' To access them, you must pass the assessment's ID in base64 format as a URL parameter and include a user's JWT bearer token in the header.

Optionally, you may send a primary color hex value in the color key like this: https://assessments.suggestic.com/?assessmentId={{assessment.id}}&color={{hexcolor}}

Swift Header Example

let token = MSession.sharedInstance.session?.token {
headers["Authorization"] = "Bearer \(token)"

Anonymous User Scenario

For an anonymous user, you can include the 'onboarding' parameter in the URL as follows: https://assessments.suggestic.com/?assessmentId={{assessment.id}}&onboarding=true

In this scenario, the user's responses won't be stored on the website but will be returned to the container (browser, webview, etc) for management.

Styling and Customization


Primary Color


Hex color

Back Button


Enables display of the back button

Supplement Recommendatios Redirect


Enables a redirect to a specific path for supplement recommendations

For additional styling, please reach out to support@suggestic.com

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