Device Compatibility

Device compatibility with the Suggestic App

What devices are supported by the app?

The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. As follows find more information on device compatibility.

For iOS devices

The iOS app is compatible with iPhone devices running the operating system from v13.0 to v15.0

For Android devices

The Android app is compatible with Android devices running the operating system from v7.0 to v11.0.

Latest stable app version

Find the latest stable version of our application as follows:

  • Build version: v86

  • Suggestic Application version: v3.17.0

Note: Refer to the build version if you want to develop your own app based on ours.


Even though the application works on any device, for a better UI experience, we strongly recommend using it on compact devices, such as cell phones. Tablets and computers may experience some UI optimization issues.

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