GraphQL Overview

Intro to GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. What does this mean for you? Unlike regular SOAP or REST APIs, GraphQL gives you the ultimate flexibility in being able to specify in your API requests specifically what data you need and get back exactly that.

As a query language, it provides you with a lot of flexibility that most normal APIs will not. Without needing to recreate endpoints, you can provide developers with the same functionality as a bulk endpoint. Your queries will be cleaner and easier to understand by combining multiple queries into one request.

By using our GraphQL, you can perform two types of operations:




Fetch data (equivalent to GET calls in REST)


Modify server-side data. (like DELETE, PUT, PATCH, etc).

How do I use Suggestic GraphQL API?

To make it easy for you to experiment with different queries, we’ve set up a GraphQL Playground an interactive web console to access our production environment. We’ve also provided many interactive examples all around our documentation.

To access the GraphQL playground you'll need to use your token and user ID provided by the Suggestic team. Access this documentation to see how to use the GraphQL Playground.

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