The Suggestic API is designed to simplify and easily create personalized meal plans based on your user's nutritional requirements, preferences, and restrictions.

The Suggestic API allows you to leverage Suggestic powerful platform and proprietary AI technology to create and deliver the best and most advanced personalized nutrition apps and programs.

This documentation provides an overview of the capabilities our suite of APIs offers and provides instructions on how to use it. Most of the API endpoints listed in this documentation also cover our entire platform, including the Console and Coaching Portal.

Please reach out if you need help, or have any questions.

Happy coding!

A couple of tips before you get started

  • Brush up on your GraphQL knowledge. We like the GitHub guide.

  • Read our core concepts and review our getting started guide.

  • Download and familiarize yourself with our iOS app as it will help you understand the features and experiences that can be created using this API.

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