Our datasets

One of the core benefits of working with the Suggestic Platform is unlimited access to all available datasets, saving you the need for purchasing or licensing additional data.

Please see a general overview of our different datasets below.


Our complete recipes dataset is comprised of a number of individual subsets of recipes that differ in several ways.

  • Recipes with complete rights -- these recipes have been fully licensed for redistribution or created by Suggestic and all their fields are filled and can be retrieved via the different recipe queries.

  • Recipes with partial rights or "recipes from the internet" -- these recipes have been gathered, curated, and organized from a variety of popular recipe websites. They can be used as long as proper attribution to the source is given.

    • The instructions field will always be empty in this case. We recommend that you link back to the source using the sourceURL field. Learn more here.

    • The nutritional information has been calculated by Suggestic and is being licensed to you when you serve this content via our APIs.

  • BYO -- if you already own recipe content you may upload that content to Suggestic in order to have it enriched and served back to you.

*Are you looking for a specific type of content? Let us know. We work with a number of data providers and may be able to obtain what you are looking for.

Other Datasets

  • Restaurants, menus, and menu items

    • Over 500K restaurants and menu items

    • Menu items with ingredients and nutrition values, estimated by our proprietary AI.

  • Branded foods

    • Over 300K grocery items and packaged foods with a brand name and UPC barcode

  • Common foods

    • i.e. tomato, banana, orange

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