Create Log Entry

Create a new meal log entry

Use the createMealLog mutation to create a new log entry for the logged-in user. This service is commonly used together with the autocomplete search.

Please note that depending on the mealType being logged a different combination of parameters will be required. Please review our Food Log Guide before starting.

This mutation will be soon deprecated. It is recommended to use addFoodLog mutation

Required Arguments


Creating a new log entry for a recipe that was consumed for dinner on a particular date and time.

mutation {
        mealType: RECIPE,
        mealTime: DINNER,
        mealDatabaseId: "a281aa17-e746-4780-b69b-b4c3597bb783",
        customServingEquivalent: 122.53701305389404,
        date: "2020-04-02",
        quantity: 1,
        time: "20:00"
    ) {

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