Step 1: Creating the Integromat Scenario and Google Forms Connection

To complete this step, you’ll first have to create a Google Forms form and connect it to one of your Google Sheets spreadsheets. We will not be covering this process in this tutorial, but you can follow this Google article if needed.

The spreadsheet (and form) should include a name and an email column. It should also have at least one entry (for testing purposes).

Afterward, head on over to the Integromat dashboard. Click “Create a new scenario.” This will take you directly to the scenario builder.

Click the big blue button with the white plus sign to continue.

Type “google forms” in the search box and select the “Google Forms” module.

From the Triggers section, select the “Watch Responses” trigger:

If you haven’t already, set up the Integromat-Google Forms connection (here’s how).

The following Google Forms popup connection is displayed:

Select the corresponding spreadsheet and sheet, click “OK” to save the module. Click the big blue button with the white plus sign to continue.

Right-click on the Google Forms module and select “Run this module only.”

If you’ve connected the module correctly, you should see a number one “1” notice appear.

Click on the number 1; you should see the two columns, name and email, and any additional columns you might have added to your spreadsheet.

If you don't see the output information, click on the Run once button to refresh it:

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