Recipe Search by Ingredients

Search for recipe that contain certain ingredients

Use searchRecipesByIngredientsto find recipes that contain a list of ingredients.



Get the list of recipes with specific ingredients

Get the list of recipes which includes broccoli, eggs, and avocado ingredients

    mustIngredients: ["broccoli", "eggs", "avocado"]
  ) {
    edges {
      node {
        ingredients {

Note: If no ingredients are added into the mustIngredients string, recipes with all ingredients will be retrieved.

UI/UX example

In the same way, we have code examples, this is an implementation example in which see results of the API execution in the Suggestic App.

Login to the App, go to the Recipes option, introduce broccoli, eggs, avocado on the search field, all the recipes related to those ingredients are displayed. Look at the first two recipes, those are the same as the ones returned with the API query. Select the Garlic Roasted Broccoli, the ingredients are the same as the result retrieved in the API query

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