Meal Plan

Which Meal Plan should I need to use?

Suggestic offers 3 different meal plan types to meet your needs. The meal plan you choose will give you the best dietary program according to your food preferences and goals.

Below find the characteristics of each meal plan for you to choose the one that fits your requirements.

OPTION 1: Custom Meal Plan

If you want to find a configuration that works best for your app and use cases without creating a meal plan, then the Custom Meal Plan fits for you.

OPTION 2: Meal Plan

If you want to create a 7-day meal plan with the possibility to add more days, use a custom format, and define a meal plan with specific settings such as mealtime preparation, meal distribution, number of ingredients, among others, then the Meal Plan fits for you.

OPTION 3: Simple Meal Plan

If you want to create a 7-day meal plan without adding any arguments, create custom attributes, update meal plan settings, among others, then the Simple Meal Plan fits for you.

OPTION 4: Meal Plan Templates

If you want to have control over your custom dietary requirements, you can choose one of the following meal plan templates option:

  • From days: Copy an existing meal plan which has a user assigned. All the restrictions, attributes, program assigned will be also applied to the template. For instance, a user can copy only a specific number of days from the meal plan.

  • From scratch: Create a meal plan manually. The user can define the number of days, recipes, and number of servings. For instance, it is possible to create either a 7-day meal plan or a 2-day meal plan.

  • Custom options: Create a meal plan in the same wah as if a customMealPlan is created. Therefore, calories, protein percentage, and the program to be assigned can be defined. .

The above options and their characteristics are well detailed in the following table. Choose the one that fits your requirements.


CharacteristicsSimple Meal PlanMeal PlanCustom Meal PlanMeal Plan Template - From DaysMeal Plan Template - From ScratchMeal Plan Template - Custom

Create a 7-day meal plan

Request a Meal Plan to help find your ideal configuration

Define a specific number of meal plan days

Consider the user's goals

Overwrite pending days in your meal plan


Remove a meal plan

Assign a user to a meal plan

Create a meal plan without any argument

Prevent user from generating a new meal plan

Update meal plan settings

Setup user's food restrictions


CharacteristicsSimple Meal PlanMeal PlanCustom Meal PlanMeal Plan Template - From daysMeal Plan Template - From ScratchMeal Plan Template - Custom

Include 2 random recipes

Sets an upper kcal limit per meal

Define a maximum number of servings per meal

Define a maximum serving weight

Define Minimum serving weight

Define meals distribution

Define maximum quantity of ingredients per meal

Define time preparation per meal

Set the user program

Create custom attributes

Define a margin of error

Define the percentage of omega-3

Define the percent of Fat

Define the percent of Protein

Define the percent of Carbs

Define the total calories per day

Define filters to create a meal pan with caloric range and tags per each meal time

Generate a meal plan based on a meal plan template ID

Add days from the meal plan template to your current meal plan

Define the variety of the recipes

I have an error generating the meal plan, what can I do?

There are many factors to consider when creating and generating a meal plan. If the settings, restrictions, macro goals, or any other meal plan setting is not well defined, the following error may appear: Couldn't generate a meal plan with the current settings.

Refer to this documentation to see how are the common scenarios in which this error appears and how to solve it.

What is the difference between recipe.numberOfServings with meal.numOfServings?

  • meal.numOfServings is the assigned number of servings by the meal plan.

  • recipe.numberOfServings is the original recipe number of servings.

For more information, check the Meal Plan documentation

How can I generate a meal plan for more than 7 days?

The mealPlan query usually generates a 7-day meal plan. When these 7 days are reached, there are two options:

  1. Generate a new set of 7 days using generateMealPlan with addDays: true (the new day 1 will come after the "current" day 7)

  2. Repeat the previous 7 days using generateMealPlan with repeat: "date" (same behavior but with the same meals as before)

Is it possible to restrict food in a meal plan?

Yes, you can get the list of food restrictions, and then use the profileRestrictionsUpdate mutation to update a user's food restrictions.

How can I generate a meal plan based on a selected program? i.e Vegan or Keto

Execute the following API methods in the order detailed below:

  1. Use the program query to check for available programs, copy the ID of the desired program you want to use in your meal plan.

  2. Set the user program by executing the updateUserProgram mutation

  3. Generate your meal plan, you can use either the generateMealPlan mutation or the customMealPlan mutation

How can I get suggestions as to whether the food choice fits my meal plan?

You can use the Adherence Score which represents how good of a match (higher is better) is a particular food recommendation with the user's program and profile.

How can I log food nutrient information for a specific food?

You can log the nutrients for a specific food by using the createMealLog mutation and within it the MealType parameter.

Are there any queries to get dessert recipes?

Yes, you can execute the recipeSearch,recipesByTag or recipesByMealTime

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