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Attribution Guidelines


The attribution guidelines will allow users to know where the content they are viewing is coming from.
Depending on the subscription type, the API clients must require to include specific attribution to Suggestic when using recipes. For instance, if someone develops an app using the Suggestic API, the "powered by suggestic" must be included in its About section. On the other hand, if clients are using recipes, they need to add the attribution information within the recipes' nutritional information.

License Agreement

The attribution license agreement is detailed as follows:
  • As a condition of your use of and access to the Suggestic Platform, Customer agrees to include and feature the applicable Suggestic Logo, attribution, and where applicable, hyperlink(s) to the Suggestic website (or other sites as Suggestic may specify), as defined in the Suggestic attribution guidelines, in connection with Customer use of the Suggestic Platform and any Suggestic Content.
  • Suggestic retains the right, without prior consent, to reproduce, publish and display such Customer’s website, display, or publication, to the extent they do not contain Customer’s confidential information, in Suggestic’s portfolios and websites or other media.
  • Customer must include the name of the provider of a recipe ("Recipe Source") and hyperlink(s) to the Recipe Source’s website (or other sites as Suggestic or the Recipe Source may specify), in connection with Customer use of the Suggestic Services (and any Suggestic Content).
  • Customer must include the name of the provider of a restaurant menu as well as include the source of nutritional information for each menu item.
  • Customer may not remove, alter or obscure any copyright or other proprietary notice (or any source identifier) or any hyperlinks that are provided with any Suggestic Services or included in any Suggestic Content. Customer may not interfere with the correct operation of the source links.
For more information, refer to the attribution guidelines on our website.