Manage Wellness Plan Templates

Manage wellness plan templates to create medication plans to be used by a member of the portal.


Coaches can:

  • Create, edit, duplicate and delete templates

  • Make templates private or shared

  • View templates shared with the coach user.

Members can:

  • Create wellness plan based on a template previously created by a coach user.

  • Create wellness plan from scratch

  • Change the Wellness Plan to active or inactive

  • Edit and delete a Wellness Plan created by the same member.

Create a Wellness Plan Template

To create a Wellness plan template, click on the Create New button:

In case any supplement plans have been added yet, you can also click on the ADD NEW PLAN option.

The following form is displayed:


  • Name of the wellness plan

  • Plan overview. Give a brief description of the aim of the wellness plan

When a protocol is added, click on the down arrow to check the quantity and name of the supplements. Select the day or days of the supplement intake.

When a Supplement is added, click on the down arrow to select the intake time; click on the Add new to add more than one entrance, quantity, length, and the day or days to take the supplements.

  • Nutrition information related to the wellness plan

  • Exercise recommendations as a complement for the wellness plan.

  • Resources for the wellness plan.

After filling the information, click on the Create Plan button:

The new wellness plan is created, as a Private plan, below the My Wellness Plan Templates tab.

Share a Wellness Plan Template

The Shared Wellness Plan Templates tab will contain all the share templates.

It will include the Name of the template, the name of the coach who created it, and the creation date:

To share a template with other coaches, move the toggle from left to right, it will be visible in the Shared Wellness Plan Templates tab.

Duplicate Shared Wellness Plan Templates

If is required to create a different wellness plan template, it can be duplicated. Click on the three dots and select the DUPLICATE option.

The duplicated template will be listed in the My Wellness Plan Templates tab as a Private template.

Edit a Wellness Plan Template

Click on the three dots and choose the Edit option:

Edit the information accordingly, and click on the Save Plan button to save your changes:

Duplicate a Wellness Plan Template

To duplicate a wellness plan template, click on the three dots and select the DUPLICATE option:

The template is duplicated as Private:

Delete a Wellness Plan Template

To delete a template, click on the three dots and click on the DELETE option

The following confirmation message is displayed:

A message indicating that the template has been deleted is displayed at the bottom right side of the window:

A Shared Wellness Plan Templates cannot be edited.

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