Wellness Plans tab

Use the Wellness Plans option to create supplement or medication plans.

A wellness plan is associated with a member of the portal, therefore it cannot be shared with other members.

Access the Wellness Plans

To access the wellness plans, go to the Members option, choose a member to whom the plan will be created, and then click on the Wellness Plans tab:

Create a Wellness Plan

There are two options to create a Wellness Plan:

To create a note, click on the Wellness Plans tab and then click on the New Plan option. The following two options are displayed:

From template

Create an customize a wellness plan based on a template previously created by the coach user.

Click on New Plan, and choose the option:

Choose a template from the list and click on the Continue button:

The created wellness plan is added as follows:

From Scratch

Create an empty plan where you can define the entire supplement plan according to your health requirements.

Click on New plan and select the New option:

Fill in the following information:


  • Name of the wellness plan

  • Start Date when the supplement plan will start.

  • Plan overview. Give a brief description of the aim of the wellness plan

When a protocol is added, click on the down arrow to check the quantity and name of the supplements. Select the day or days of the supplement intake.

  • Nutrition information related to the wellness plan

  • Exercise recommendations as a complement for the wellness plan.

  • Resources for the wellness plan.

After filling in the information, click on the Create Plan button:

The new wellness plan is created and listed as follows:

Change a Wellness Plan status

Make the wellness plan active or inactive by changing its status. A plan is created with Active status.

To change the status, click on the Status button and change form ACTIVE to INACTIVE and vice versa:

Edit a Wellness Plan

Edit the information accordingly:

Delete a Wellness Plan

The following confirmation message is displayed:

Click on the Delete button to remove it.

Once a wellness plan is removed, it cannot be recovered.

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