Smart Meal Plan

Generate and Customize an existing Meal Plan

Create a custom meal plan by setting up the macro goals, calories, and program to be used.

Create a Smart Meal Plan

The following panel is displayed:


  • Name of the new meal plan

  • Description of the new meal plan

  • Program. Select from the following programs:

  • Set macro goals. Toggle the button to the left to enable the Calories, Carbs, Protein, and Fat fields:

Use the text box, up or down arrow to introduce the Carbs, Protein, and Fat values:

Make sure to introduce values that sum up 100%; otherwise, the Create button is not enabled:

Once the information is filled in, click on the Create button to add the new meal plan:

The Smart Meal Plan is created and you will be redirected to the meal plan information where all the recipes and macros are set.

Edit, Delete or Swap any recipe according to the user's needs. Save the Meal Plan or go back to the main page where it will be listed:

Make a Smart Plan public or private

A Smart Plan can be set as public or private, Refer to this page for more information.

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