Edit member's information

At the top of the screen, the Member’s age, height, weight, goal weight, coaches assigned, and program are displayed.

This will bring the Coach to the Member editing page:

It includes the following sections which information can be modified:

Basic Information


Basic Information:

  • Name: First and Last name of the Member

  • Date of birth: Date of birth of the Member. This can be relayed manually or by choosing a date on the provided calendar.

  • Cellphone number: Cell Phone number of the member

Account Information:

  • Email address: email address of the Member. In addition, a recovery email can be sent if the member forgot the password,



  • Biological Sex: Choose between Male or Female.

  • Height: Enter the height.

  • Current weight: Enter the member's current weight.

  • Goal weight: Enter the goal weight.

  • Weekly goal: Choose the weekly goal among the following options:

  • Activity level: Choose the activity level among the following options:

Custom Meal Plan Macros

Setup Meal Plan Macros by selecting a recommended program from the list below:

Use the toggle to activate or deactivate the edition of the macro goals. If it is enabled, the following information can be modified:

If it is not enabled, the information is displayed as read-only:

Food Preferences

Select the food preferences among the listed options


Members must have available credits to be added to appointments.

Remember to add credits per appointment type.

Increase or decrease the number of credits per member by clicking on the up or down arrow respectively:

After modifying the information, click on the Save Changes


Change the user current subscription.


Select one or more coaches the member will have assigned.

See the assigned coaches next to the member's personal information. In the following example, 2 new coaches are assigned to a member:

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