Meal Plans

Create meal plans that suit your member’s needs.
Create them from scratch, generate and customize an existing meal plan, edit/duplicate a shared meal plan, and swap meals.
The purpose of creating a meal plan is to use it as a template for assigning it to a member. For more information on how to create a meal plan template, refer to this documentation.

Coach meal plan management

A coach is able to execute the following actions:
  • View a user’s existing meal plan
  • View a recipe’s detailed information
  • Swap a meal from the existing meal plan with an alternative recommended recipe or by using the text search.
    • Determine how many servings of the recipe will be added
  • Save the plan with a name and a description and define if it will be public or private
  • Start a meal plan with an empty or a pre-filled plan.
  • Edit, duplicate, and remove a saved meal plan.
  • See his/her saved meal plans as well as public meal plans from the same organization.

Accessing Meal Plans

To access Meal Plans, click on the
icon located at the left side of the screen:
The following screen is displayed. If this is the first time a user is accessing the meal plans option, the My Plans option does not show any meal plan; instead, the option to add a new meal plan is displayed.

Adding a new meal plan

There are two options to create a meal plan: