Manage Members

Create, edit, list, and delete members

After you have added members to the telewellness portal, you can manage their information. Managing members includes creating new members, an editing their information by defining the macro goals, food preferences, subscription, select coaches.

Access a member's information

Members are automatically displayed within the Members option:

Click on a member name to check the information:

If you need to have more visibility on the dashboard information, click on the left arrow to hide the members list. Show it by clicking on the right arrow:

Check the member personal information

Next to the member's name, you can check for the personal information such as age, height, current weight, etc.

Click on the icon to edit the member's information.

Additional information

See a member's assigned coach

A member can have one or more coaches assigned.

Next to the Subscription name, the assigned coaches' names for the current member are displayed.

Click on the circles to display the coach name.

If more than one coach is assigned to the member, both names are displayed:

Refer to this documentation to see how to assign a coach to a member.

Start a voice/video call

The following 2 options are listed:

Click on the AUDIO CALL option. Make sure your browser allows the use of the microphone in the TeleWellness Portal:

To start a group video call, use the message option.

Start a conversation by using the chat

Start an interaction between the coach with a selected member through the chat.

The following chat window is displayed:

The coach is the one with permission to rename it. Refer to this documentation to see how to rename a chat.

As soon as the member sends a message through the chat, the coach will receive it by accessing the Messages option:

Copy, edit, delete, or add a reaction to each delivered message in the chat:

The other user will be able to download the attachment file to his computer.

To message a person or group, use the message option.

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