Manage Protocols

A protocol consists of a group of supplements, with dosage and directions, needed to assign during the wellness plan template creation. For example, the Detox Protocol is created with a variety of supplements such as vitamin C, D, Magnesium among others, for each one of this supplements an intake time and day is defined. Later this protocol is assigned to a Wellness Plan.


Coaches are responsible to manage protocols. They can execute the following actions:

  • Create, edit, delete, share and duplicate a protocol

  • A protocol can be private to an individual coach or shared with other coaches

  • A protocol can have more than one supplement.

  • A user can have more than one active protocol at the same time

Create a Protocol

To create a protocol, click on the New Protocol button:

Fill the fields below:

Setup the basic information

  • Name the new protocol

  • Linked program. Select a program from the list. This is an optional field

  • Set the length of the protocol in days. This is an optional field.

Add Supplements to the protocol

After a supplement is added, define its intake frequency. Click on the down arrow to expand the supplement information:


  • Select Intake Time among the following values:

  • Serving Name. This information is filled automatically according to the supplement name.

  • Quantity of the supplement intake.

  • Select the days the supplement will be intake

Repeat the same steps for all the supplements added.

Once the protocol information is setup, click on the Save protocol button:

Check the new protocol under My Protocols tab:

The protocol is ready to use in a wellness plan template.

View a protocol information

After creating a protocol, access its information by clicking on its name:

The protocol information is displayed in read-only mode:

Share a Protocol

Find all the shared protocols in the Shared Protocols tab:


  • Name of the protocol.

  • Created by. Name of the coach who created the protocol.

  • Supplements. One or more supplement names assigned to the protocol.

  • Actions. Duplicate a shared protocol and use the information as needed.

To share a protocol with other coaches, move the toggle from left to right, it will be visible in the Shared Protocols tab.

To keep it private to an individual coach, move the toggle from right to left

Edit a Protocol

Edit the information as required and then click on the Save Protocol button:

The Protocol Updated message is displayed at the bottom of the page:

Duplicate a Protocol

A copy of the protocol is listed at the top of the list:

Delete a Protocol

The following confirmation message is displayed:

The Protocol Deleted message is displayed at the bottom of the page:

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