Create a new member

Required role: Users must be designated a Coach to create new members.

To create a new member, click on the New Member button located at the top right side of the window:

Fill in the required information in a panel on the right:

Register the new member by filling in the following fields:


  • Name: The first and last name of the new Member.

  • Date of birth: Date of birth of the new Member.

    • This can be input manually or by choosing a date on the provided calendar.

Use the format MM/DD/YY.

Choose a month:

Choose a year:

Choose a day:

  • Phone Number: Add the Member’s phone number.

  • Recommended program: Select between the two recommended programs listed:

  • Create the new Member: Click on the Send button to send the Member the invite to download the app. In addition, the new member is created within the TeleWellness Portal.

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