Connect with any member and coaches through the chat.

A coach is able to create an individual or group chat

Coach View

If you are a coach user, manage a chat as follows:

  • Open a new chat (channel) and include one or more members (group chat)

  • View all open conversations from the chat screen

  • On individual conversations:

    • See read status

    • Send images or attachments

    • Delete a message

    • Close/archive a chat

    • Mute conversations

  • On group chats, a coach can:

    • Add and remove participants

    • Mute/ban participants

  • Rename chat channels

  • Set up Auto Response Message in chat

  • Start a conversation from the members' profile

  • Receive web notifications from an incoming message

Member's view

Refer to this documentation to see how members manage their chats

Creating a Chat

There are two options to create a chat. If there are no chats yet created, click on the Start Chatting! option:

Either the two options will open the following panel:

Created chats are displayed at the left side of the screen:

Channel Information

Edit the Information

Click on the Edit option to edit the channel information:

Click on the Upload option to change the channel image:

Upload an image from your device and it will be immediately updated:

Change the name of the channel by replacing the existing name:

Click on the Save button to save the channel information:

General Information

Below the channel information, the following information is displayed:

  • Operators section displays the information of the channel owner:

  • Members section displays the number of members included in the channel:

Each member can be:

1. Promoted to an operator. The member's name will be displayed on the Operators section and the Operator label will appear next to the name:

Remove the user form operator by clicking on the 3 dots next to the name:

Click on the Invite Members, to add more members to the channel:

2. Muted option will mute members. These will automatically display on the Muted Members section:

3. Banned option bans members from the conversation. All banned members will be removed from the Members section and moved to the Banned section. When a member is unbanned, it needs to be added again as a member of the chat:

  • Muted Members option lists all muted users:

  • Leave the channel option. Click on this option to leave the channel, the following confirmation message is displayed:


The automated reply messages are predefined responses used to communicate with members and coaches across specific scenarios to keep information transparent.

Auto responses are not sent in Community Chats.

The following panel will display on the right side of the screen:

Use the toggle to activate or deactivate the autoresponder.

Once the message is added, click on the Save changes button.

A notification indicating the text has been updated will appear at the bottom of the screen

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