Notes tab

Create, view, edit or delete notes.

Use the notes option to write consistent and clear notes for each appointment or session managed by a coach.

Notes are associated with the member and are visible to everyone with permission to view the member’s profile.

Create a Note

New Blank Note

Create a note from scratch. Click on the New Blank Note option, the following editor will display:

The editor provides handy formatting buttons to create lists and headers, as well as to incorporate links and images. These help users to create notes easy to read.

This editor uses Github flavored markdown.

Use the markdown syntaxis or the formatting buttons located above the editor to give your text format. Use the Preview button to see your text formatted:

Give the name a note by adding the following format at the beginning of the next:

##Initial Call

This will immediately convert your text to a header which will be keep as the title of the note.

Click on the Save button, the new note will be listed at the left side of the editor:

Template Note

Create notes based on a template previously created by the coach user.

These notes return predefined content in which a member only needs to fill in the necessary information.

Find the description of the notes templates as follows:

Refer to this documentation to see how to create note templates.

Delete a Note

The following message will displayed:

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