Meal Plan tab

Create a new meal plan for a specific member, or assign a meal plan based on a template previously created.

Click on the Meal Plan tab to check the meal plan grid. The current week, from Monday to Sunday, is displayed along with the meal type (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack)and the macro goals information per day.

Save Meal Plan as a template

Add Recipes

To save the meal plan as a template, start adding recipes by clicking on the Add Recipe option from a desired day and meal type.

You can either select the recipe for the current day or eat every day.

Swap Recipes

Use the swap option to replace a single recipe from a specific day and meal.

Click on the 3 dots option located below a recipe, and click on the Swap Recipe option.

On the right side of the screen, the following list of recipes is displayed:

Pick one of the recipes listed or look for a specific one, select the number of servings (if required) and click on the Select button. Choose if you will replace the recipe or replace it every day. Finally, the recipe is replaced with the chosen one:

Check Macro Goals

Track your macronutrients by checking the macro goals information below each day, this information is calculated automatically according to the recipes added per meal type.

Assign a different Meal Plan

Use a meal plan template used previously. These templates are created in the meal plans section.

To use a template, click on the Assign a different Meal Plan option. All the meal plans templates created are listed. Select one from the list. Click on the Assign button, or click on the Keep button to keep the current meal plan.

Existing meal plans will be overwritten.

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