Appointments tab

Create, update and check appointments for a specific member

Create, update, check, and cancel appointments on behalf of the coach user.

Click on the Appointments tab to access the following screen where the Upcoming and the Past appointments are displayed

Either the Upcoming or the Past appointments include the following information:

  • Name of the appointment

  • Date/time of the appointment

  • Status of the appointment: Accepted, or Tentative.

Book an Appointment

To create an appointment, click on the Book an Appointment button, the following modal window is displayed:

Refer to this documentation to see how to fill in the information to create an appointment.

Update an Appointment

Change an upcoming appointment date

Click on the Change date option, modify the appointment date and then save the information:

For more information, refer to this documentation.

Cancel an Appointment

Select the appointment scheduled from the Upcoming appointments section, click on the Cancel appointment option:

A confirmation modal window displays to confirm if the appointment will cancel:

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