Use the calendar to schedule appointments professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails.


The calendar includes the following characteristics:

  • Set up individual or group appointments.

  • Send personalized scheduling links based on a member's availability.

  • Schedule meetings by using video calls from the portal, zoom, google meet, or a phone call.

  • View upcoming appointments from the calendar section.

  • Give appointment credits to a member for the different types of appointments.

  • Change the calendar settings by configuring the time zone, appointments, and revoking the calendar.


  • Login to cronofy in order to use the calendar

Login to Cronofy

To get access to the calendar, it is mandatory to log in to Cronofy.

The first time you access the calendar, the following message is displayed:

To have access to the calendar, log in to Cronofy, and follow the steps shown below:

The calendar is displayed as follows:

Calendar View

Change your calendar view

In the top right, change the scope of the current view, showing as an entire month, week, a single day or in a list format.

Today's date is highlighted with light blue color.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate through the months, weeks, days, or lists in the calendar grid. The navigation depends on the currently selected calendar view.

To return to today's date, click Today in the top left corner.

Change your calendar settings

Change your calendar’s time zone, appointment settings, or disable the calendar

For more information, refer to this section.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, make sure the user has appointment credits available.

There are three options to book an appointment:

  1. Click on the Book Appointment button located at the top right side of the screen

  2. Click on the Book Appointment option located below the Upcoming Appointments section

  3. Click an empty time slot in the calendar grid.

The following panel is displayed:


  • Individual or Group appointment

  • Select member:

For an individual appointment, click on the down arrow to select a member:

Click o the X option to remove the selected member:

For a group appointment, click on the down arrow and select as many members as required:

Click on each member's X option to remove a name from the selected members.

  • Appointment Type. Click on the down arrow and select the initial call:

  • Date and time of appointment. Choose the appointment's date and time.

By default, an appointment lasts 30 minutes. To change its duration, go to calendar settings.

  • Description of the appointment.

  • Video consultation. Choose the type of video call:

In the case of Google Meet and Zoom video calls, the meeting URL must be introduced:

Make sure to add the complete URL, i.e:

  • Repeat Appointment on a specific schedule. You can schedule appointments to occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Click on the Create button:

The appointment is created as follows:

At the bottom of the calendar, two labels for confirmed and not confirmed appointments respectively are displayed:

Past Date Appointments

It is possible to create past date appointments. When a past date is selected, and the user clicks on the Create button, the following warning message will appear:

Click on Yes, Continue button to create the appointment.

Appointment Credits

To be able to create appointments, a user must have credits available. To add credits, go to the user's profile.

If the user has no credits, the following message is displayed:

Refer to this documentation to see how to add appointment credits

Respond to an appointment

When an appointment is booked, the information is sent to the email's member:

To respond to the invitation, click Yes, No, or Maybe.

The appointment is scheduled and added to the member's calendar:

Check upcoming appointments

When you have scheduled appointments, they will be displayed on the Upcoming Appointments section located next to the calendar slots:

Click on the 3 dots of an upcoming appointment to change the appointment date or to cancel it.

Change an upcoming appointment date

Click on the Change date option, modify the appointment date and then save the information:

A notification is sent to the user's email indicating that the appointment has been updated.

Check an appointment confirmation

Update an existing appointment

Users involved in the appointment will receive an email indicating the updates in the appointment information.

Cancel an Appointment

There are two options to cancel an appointment:

2. Select the appointment scheduled from the Upcoming appointments section, click on the Cancel appointment option, a confirmation modal window displays to confirm if the appointment will cancel:

For either of the two cases, the users involved in the appointment will receive an email indicating that the appointment was canceled.

Set up your calendar

Manage the calendar time zone, define the schedule for each day of the week, manage the minimum time in between appointments, and disable a calendar.

To manage the calendar settings, click on the Calendar Settings option located above the calendar grid:

At the right side of the screen, a window is displayed with the calendar settings:

Set the time zone for my calendar

To change the default time zone, click on the tome zone dropdown to select the time zone that best fits you.

Define the calendar appointment's availability

Define the schedule the coach will be available to schedule appointments and receive calls.

Select the Date range to share from the Start and end Date options:

Pick a Start and End time:

Or define a schedule for each day. Toggle the button from left to right to enable the configuration of each day. In addition, each day has its toggle; therefore, it is possible to schedule only the desired days according to the user's needs.

Set the Appointment preferences

Define the minimum separation time between appointments. Click on the dropdown to list all the available options:

Define the appointment availability by selecting the time interval at which a user can schedule the appointment.

Disable a calendar

Remove permissions set on your calendar. Scheduled appointments won't be deleted.

After revoking the authorization, it is required to login back into your calendar account.

Click on the Revoke calendar button, you will be redirected to the Authorize screen:

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