The TeleWellness Portal is a web-based application that provides healthcare practitioners and coaches the ability to visualize members’ progress and allows for deeper engagement with existing end-users, regardless of their means of interaction with the platform (Suggestic Plus App).

Key Features

  • An intuitive dashboard to track users’ progress in terms of meal plans, activity feeds, weight control, and water intake, among others.

  • Ability to create coaches and members.

  • Create a meal plan from scratch or based on a predefined template

  • Check the recipes information (name, cooking time, number of ingredients, instructions, nutrition per serving)

  • Upload lab tests documents.

  • Interaction between members and coaches, through the chat option.

  • Start an audio or video call.

  • Schedule your appointments by using the calendar feature.

  • Create notes based on a blank note or a prepared template.

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