Quick Start Guide

An overview of the Console platform with examples to get started


Follow the guide below to create and personalize programs, ingredients, define macro settings and test the meal plan playground.

Step 1: Access the Console platform

To access the platform, click on the following link:

Use the credentials provided by the Suggestic team. If you have problems with the credentials and cannot log in to the platform, send an email to hi@suggestic.com

Step 2: Setup your program

Create programs to which users will be assigned. You can create a new program or customize an existing one.

Activate a program after its creation.

Step 3: Create rules

Define rules based on foods restrictions to apply for a program.

Step 4: Create an ingredient group

Create an ingredient group to add to a program and to set up rules (avoid, increase, decrease)

Additional steps

Define macro settings

Define macro goals for a specific program. These macro settings are divided into

  • Net Carbs

  • Carbs

  • Protein

  • Fat

Clone an existing program:

Select a program from the list of predefined programs

  1. Click on the Duplicate icon

  2. Edit the information of the program

  3. Activate the program.

Use the Mealplan Playground

The Mealplan playground aims to be used as a meal plan tester in which users can generate a meal plan based on a combination of parameters and conditions until getting a meal plan that best suits a user's requirements.

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