Ingredient Groups

Manage Ingredient Groups


An ingredient group is a set of predefined or custom ingredients used to add them to a specific rule. For example, you can define a dairy-free group that can contain: low-fat milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables, etc.


Within the ingredient groups, it is possible to:

  • See the list of ingredient groups created either by Suggestic or by a user.

  • Create an ingredient group

  • Duplicate ingredient groups

  • Edit ingredient groups

Ingredient groups cannot be deleted.

Access the Ingredient Groups List

Ingredient groups are categorized and divided into two tabs:

My Groups

Find all the ingredient groups created by the logged-in user.

Refer to this documentation for more information regarding the creation of ingredient groups.


Find all the ingredient groups created by Suggestic.

Predefined ingredient groups cannot be edited or modified themselves. Instead, they can be cloned to be later edited.

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