Manage Macro Settings


The macro settings configured for a specific program will indicate that when users request a meal plan, they will follow the macronutrients information configured in this section.

Macro Settings configuration

To access the macro settings, choose a program, by clicking on its name, in which the nutrients will be configured:

Then click on the Macro Settings option:

The following information is displayed:

Below the name of the program, it indicates if the program is active or inactive. Check this documentation to activate or deactivate a program.

Define your macro settings as follows:

  • Enable the edition of a specific macro goal by moving the toggle from left to right.

  • Nutrient: Nutrients are divided into:

    • Net Carbs

    • Carbs

    • Protein

    • Fat

  • Bio sex: Configure macros either for female or male, or both.

  • Quantity: Define the quantity per each nutrient defined.

  • Unit: Select between grams or percentage. It is recommended the use of percentage

  • Lower Limit error

  • Upper Limit error


The following example defines macros for all users who will choose the Low Saturated fat diet. Therefore, the results will display recipes based on those macros with a margin error of 5 which means

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