Create a Program

This guide describes how to create a program

To create a program, click on the Create Program button:

Fill in the General information:

Where the following fields must be filled with the information of the program

  • Name of the program

  • Author of the program

  • Restrictions to be applied to the program. Click on the down arrow to expand the list of available restrictions:

Add as many restrictions as required.

  • Short Description of the program. Introduce up to 255 characters.

  • Long Description of the program.

  • Background image related to the program.

Once the information is filled in, click on the Create Program button.

After creating a program, it needs to be activated and rules need to be defined:

Go back to the main program list and see that the new program is listed and set up as INACTIVE:

Refer to the following documentation in order to finish setting up the program:

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