Home Page

Access to the Console home page to check the step-by-step tutorials and videos which will guide you in the creation of your first program.

After login into the Console, you will be redirected to the Home Page.

To access it from a different section of the Console, click on the Suggestic logo, located at the top left side of the screen:

The home page is divided into two sections:

Quick Start tutorials

Access the quick start guide.

  • Click on the Learn more button to be redirected to the getting started documentation:

Click on the Start option to be redirected to the program creation option:

Click on the Start button to use the Customize my App feature where you can customize your app by picking up colors, logo, and modules until the app matches your company's branding.

Click on the Start option to use the meal plan playground to test the programs

Access the Telehealth Portal

Get direct access to the Telehealth Portal by clicking on the Explore now button:

Video Tutorials

Navigate through the video tutorials which will help you start using the Console from scratch. After login to the Console, a pop-up window will display at the bottom right side of the screen:

The videos will guide you to:

  • Create your first program

  • How to activate a program

  • Create a rule

  • Create an ingredient group

Video Tutorial characteristics

  • Each video includes a name and a brief description of what it is about:

Click on the video to maximize it:

Find the video controls such as full screen, download, and play speed.

How to navigate through the videos

To navigate through the videos, click on the Next or Back buttons or the dots below the video:

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