Create Ingredient Groups

To create Ingredient Groups, click on the Create Group button located at the upper right side of the screen:

The following interface is displayed:

To create an ingredient group:

  • Give the group a name:

  • From the Available Ingredients list, select an ingredient by clicking on its name. Unselect it by clicking on its name again.

  • Click on the left arrow > to move the ingredients from the Available to the Selected Ingredients column.

One or more ingredients can be added at the same time.

  • All the ingredients will be added to the Selected Ingredients column:

  • Finally, click on the Create Ingredient group to create the new group:

The group will be listed on the main ingredient group list:

Using the filter options

The filter options let users search for specific ingredients either for the available ingredients or for the selected ones.

Tap the search field, then enter either the name of the ingredient or a letter to match the results:

For instance, you can use part of the ingredient name or the complete name to search for all the ingredients related to that filter

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