Create a Segment

Listing the user segments

Create a segment

To create a user segment, click on the Create button, if there are no user segments created,

If there are user segments created, click on the Create button:

The following form is displayed:

Introduce the Name and the Priority for the User Segment.

Then start adding conditions.

Add a condition

Each user segment can have one or more conditions. A condition consists of a custom attribute and a value.

A condition always includes an If and a Value option.

To add a condition, click on the Add Condition button. Add as many conditions as required. To remove a condition, click on the Remove Condition button:

The If condition requires selecting or typing an attribute:

  1. Select an attribute from the list. Tap on the text box to display the options list:

2. Type a new condition that has not been added previously.

After adding a condition, the type of information must be selected:

To check for more information regarding the managing of Custom attributes, refer to this option,

After adding all the conditions, click on the Save button:

The following message appears as soon as the user segment is created:

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