Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are properties that you create to add to a user segment.

Properties definition can vary among:

  • Type of foods

  • Food names

  • Ingredients

  • Vitamins

  • etc

Manage attributes

Each rule is formed of two main elements in an "if-then" structure and it's triggered based on each user's profile information, as follows:

  • IF - the condition that triggers the rule, I.e. "If user's last vitamin D reading is below 20 ng/mL"

  • THEN - the action to be executed when the rule is triggered, I.e. "Increase foods rich in vitamin D"

In the above example, the result will be that upon creation of a food suggestion, foods labeled "rich in vitamin D" will be prioritized for users who are assigned to that program and match the condition "vitamin D below 20 ng/mL".

Type of attributes

The following types of attributes are available to be chosen:

  • Value can be used in case a fixed value needs to be set up.

  • True or false value can be selected depending on the attribute chosen. For instance, in the following example, the Lactose Intolerant attribute can be chosen as true if the user segment is intended to be dairy-free.

  • Number value where a number must be introduced. For instance, only 5 units of Salted nuts can be intaken.

  • Number range value can be used the in case of range portions. For instance, for user segments where salty foods are set up, a value Equal to, Lesser than or Greater than of salted crackers intaken can be defined

List the custom attributes

To access and list all the available attributes, click on the Attributes option:

Created attributes will be listed as follows:

Create a new attribute

To create an attribute, click on the Create button located at the upper right side of the screen, the following popup window is displayed:


  • Label: Name of the attribute.

  • Type: Type of the attribute which can be as follows:

Then, click on the Create button to create the attribute:

A message indicating the attribute has been created is appearing at the bottom right side of the screen and the new attribute is listed:

Edit an attribute

Once the information is edited, click on the Update button to save the changes.

Delete an attribute

The attribute will be immediately deleted.

Note: When an attribute is deleted, it is also removed from the condition where it was used.

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